Chinese spaceship Shenzhou 11 lands back on earth

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Chinese Shenzhou

Chinese Shenzhou

China’s longest manned space flight returned to earth on Friday after over a month in orbit, local media reported.

According to local media report, a capsule with two astronauts on board glided to earth under parachute, landing in grasslands in China’s Inner Mongolia region.

The two taikonauts, Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong, did not emerge from the capsule immediately.

However local media reported that the Commander-in-Chief of China’s manned space programme Zhang Youxia had announced that the Shenzhou 11 mission was “successful”.

Since the mission began on Oct. 17, the astronauts have spent most of their time working in China’s temporary space laboratory, Tiangong 2.

They conducted experiments and testing technologies for their ability to withstand long periods of use in space.

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The manned mission China’s sixth in its history is part of the country’s plan to build its own permanent space station by 2022.

Report says if the International Space Station finish operating in 2024, as expected, China would then be the only nation with a permanent space station in orbit.

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