Disabled Man Suing Company After He Was Bounced Off The Dance Floor… Pics

Mr Nixus! Nov 30, 2016 0

A disabled man who said he would “probably be dead” if he couldn’t dance is taking legal action after he was banned from an event because staff thought his wheelchair might damage the dance floor. Fred Walden, 54, said he was left humiliated after staff at the Jive Addiction event in October told him he had to stop dancing and is now suing the company for discrimination under the Equality Act.

The company said its policy, which bans people from using objects on the dance floor that may damage it, is not discriminatory.

Mr Walden, who lives in Oxford has been wheelchair-bound since an accident left him paraplegic in 1984.

Mr Walden is now seeking a declaration that the company acted in breach of its obligations under the Equality Act 2010.

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He is also seeking an order that it should comply with its obligations and damages for injury to his feelings.

The case is expected to come to trial next year.


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