“He reminds me of me “- Blac Chyna's mum, Tokyo Toni reaches out to Kanye West

Mr Nixus! Nov 24, 2016 0

Blac Chyna’s mum has reached out to Kanye West, saying the rapper is similar to her .She wrote

Get well Mr. Kanye West I totally understand! I don’t do nearly as much as he does and I’m worn out! Shit when you are tired and are a vocal person such as myself ” You will let a mofo have it! Get off his &:$;:&!!! Because people are in the public eye doesn’t mean they can’t get tired!! Half of the people who talking shit ” are super ass Lazy ” and you will never understand being EXHAUSTED!! Take it easy Kanye and know that everything is going to be alright bruh! I like Kanye attitude and when he rude it’s HIM! He doesn’t pretend to be something he isnt👌🏾💯 I have to say -” He reminds me of me in many ways! He ain’t sugar coating shit to fit your emotions!! All I say is PLEASE REST UP’ you got fans that want to see you well I Love ya TOKYO ❤️ @kanyewest. Ps. God loves you no matter WHAT and that’s all that matters at the end and beginning of the day

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