Man Drives His Car Into A Church And Walks Around NAKED With Two Pitbull Dogs. Photos

adehanz Nov 22, 2016 0

This is the bizarre moment a man drove his car into a Mexican church and walked around naked. The man, named only as Pedro, burst into the church in Tepic, Mexico in his Volkswagen Jetta on Saturday. He smashed down the wooden doors and drove up to the altar before disrobing and walking around.

Local media reported that two pitbull bitches were found in the car which was towed away by a truck.

Initial reports said the man deliberately interrupted a wedding but the couple had successfully tied the knot an hour before he burst in.

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The parish priest confirmed that the wedding vows were all completed before the incident and the happy couple’s day was not ruined.

No-one was injured although the wooden front doors to the temple were damaged when the car was driven through them and up to the pulpit.


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