Outcry After Chinese School Awards Top Students With Big Wads Of Cash. Photos

adehanz Nov 25, 2016 0

A secondary school has sparked outcry in China after awarding its top pupils with wads of cash. A total of eight million yuan (£930,000) was given away during an award ceremony held at the Shuren Middle School in Zhejiang province on November 20, reported Huanqiu, a publication affiliated to People’s Daily.

Chinese web users are debating whether or not cash is an appropriate reward for teenage pupils. The cash was presented to students, aged around 15, in the form of scholarships.

These pupils are thought to have passed China’s high school entrance examination with flying colours, and chosen to study at the privately owned Shuren Middle School.

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As a result, the school hoped to award them, according to the report. A total of 239 pupils were awarded, according to a report on Qianjiang Evening News.

The principal, surnamed Lin, told reporters that cash gifts could help attract teenagers with good academic performance to enrol in Shuren Middle School. Lin said he sold his personal property in Shanghai to fund the scholarships.


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