Pastor Extradited From Zimbabwe A Year After Breaking Out From Prison. Photo

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Uganda’s self-declared born again Pastor William Paul Muwanguzi, famously known as Kiwedde has been extradited from Zimbabwe, a year after he escaped from prison.

Mr Asan Kasingye, the director of International Police directorate in Uganda has confirmed Kiwedde’s arrest saying they have been looking for him ever since he escaped from Mutukula Government Prison in Rakai District while serving his four-year jail sentence.

Pastor Kiwedde was in 2013 arrested from Rakai District, where he was impersonating a Kenyan Catholic priest who was performing healing prayers and miracles from which he extorted colossal sums of money from hundreds of unsuspecting followers.

Kalisizo Grade One magistrate Suzan Awidi then convicted Muwanguzi and sentenced him to two years in jail over impersonation and an additional three years on charges of attempted break-out from Kalisizo prison where he was on remand.

After barely serving two years of his sentence, Muwanguzi in October last year escaped from Mutukula prison under unclear circumstances before running into hiding in Zimbabwe through Tanzania.

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He escaped a month after he had been relocated from the overcrowded Masaka Regional Main Prison to Mutukula in Rakai District. Before his unprecedented escape, he gave the excuse of being sick and was eventually left behind to clean the ward and took advantage of lax security at the prison to find a way out of jail.

‘After getting reports about his escape from prison authorities, our partners in the Interpol were put on notice to help us apprehend him on sight,’ says Mr Kasingye.

According a Zimbabwean news agency, the pastor was arrested for flouting immigration laws and possessing a fake passport in the names of David Mubiru. He was picked from Zimbabw’es southern state of Waterfalls where he was operating a Holy Fire Ministries Church along with a fellow Ugandan.


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