Rival Club Offer Chapecoense Their ENTIRE Squad After Plane Crash Tragedy

adehanz Nov 30, 2016 0

Chapecoense have been offered a lifeline following the plane crash tragedy which killed the majority of their squad. The heartbreaking accident has left Chapecoense supporters devastated as the club remains in mourning for the players, staff and journalists who have been lost.

But in one of what have been a number of gestures of goodwill, Paraguayan side Club Libertad have offered their entire squad to Chapecoense in the future when they eventually return to competitive action.

In a statement, Club Libertad said: ‘The directives of Club Libertad share with profound pain their condolences for the tragedy involving our brother club Chapecoense and put their first-team players at Chapecoense’s disposal for any sporting event, in homage to the fallen players, with such a brilliant career at both national and international level.’

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Libertad’s show of support is all the more heartwarming given they were the club knocked out by Chapecoense in the Copa Sudamericana earlier this season.

Chapecoense were on their way to play in the final of the Copa – South America’s equivalent of the Europa League – when their plane came down in Colombia.

Eighty one passengers were travelling on Flight AMI2933 to take part in the club’s first ever Copa Sudamericana final in Medellin, Colombia when it crashed, reportedly killing more than 70 of those on board.


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