Taliban Fighters Celebrate Their 'Passing Out Parade'. See What They Did

Mr Nixus! Nov 24, 2016 0

A new batch of fighters have graduated from a Taliban training camp, and a set of photographs has been released to celebrate. One image shows soon-to-be mujahideen militants at what appears to be a ‘passing out’ ceremony standing not on the shoulders of giants, but of other brainwashed fundamentalists.

The images, released by the Taliban, features a blurred mountaintop – presumably to make it difficult to find their location through satellite technology.

The pictures, which also show members brandishing weapons and taking part in target practise, show recent graduates from the Khalid Bin Walid Training Camp, which operates across several sites in Afghanistan.

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The camp is part of the Taliban’s Commission for Military Camps and Martyrdom Battalions, and students underwent a 45-day training course, learning military skills and Islamic creed.


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