Tiger Escapes Enclosure After Visitor Provoked It By Throwing Chewing Gum At It.. Pics

adehanz Nov 28, 2016 0

An enraged tigress managed to break out of its zoo enclosure triggering a period of panic among the park’s 200 visitors. The big cat manged to slip out of its iron mesh from underneath in Kamla Nehru Zoo in Indore, India after a tourist allegedly chucked chewing gum at it – infuriating the jungle animal.

A few visitors saw the tiger crawling out of its compound at around 5 pm on Sunday and quickly raised the alarm.

Around 100 visitors, many of whom were women and children, ran for safety in the zoo’s on site hospital.

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The zoo and forest department authorities reacted quickly and launched a search operation which was made all the more difficult as the sun was setting when it got out.

After about an hour and half later, the animal was caught and was put into cage, according to Uttam Yadav the manager of the zoo which is run by the Indore Municipal Corporation.

Yadav added that no one was hurt by the tiger during its short time on the run.


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