Woman confronts 'cheating boyfriend' at supermarket checkout,empties his possessions

adehanz Nov 28, 2016 0

A scorned woman who claimed her boyfriend had been cheating on her decided to confront him in the middle of his supermarket checkout shift at Sainsbury’s .

The woman is seen on camera carrying a bin bag full of his possessions as she walks up to the check out, interrupting an innocent shopper attempting to pay for groceries.

The man is clearly horrified as she walks up to the till and empties the bin bag.

Immediately, the man stands up and walks away from the check out, while the woman shouts after him: 

“Take me for a f***ing fool for two years, played the family man” 
The woman later wrote on Facebook:
“I’m not ashamed to say I’ve been cheated on for almost two years… why should I be ashamed as I am a strong woman and will not let a man get me down.”[He] fooled me, my friends and family… you played a very convincing, good step dad too, a very convincing liar.
“Been living a secret life of cheating, then crying like a b**** when he gets found out. He’s a fool.”[He] played a very GOOD game, let’s make him famous so he can take a f***ing bow.”

Daily Mirror

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