Woman Gets The Shock Of Her Life After Given Birth To A Baby. See What Happened… Photos

adehanz Nov 22, 2016 0

A mum-of-two got the shock of her life when she discovered she’d given birth to a baby boy – having spent her pregnancy believing it was a girl. Kim Guiley, from California, shared a hilarious snap of her and partner Travis which perfectly summed up their wide-eyed surprise – and joy – on her Instagram page.

The brilliant moment was captured by birth photographer Susannah Gill Photographic Storytelling – and Kim admitted she “can’t stop laughing” at it.

She wrote alongside the picture: “After a lifetime of dreaming about one of each, but months of feeling so strongly that we were having another girl, this is the moment we discovered Theo’s sex!!”

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After the birth of their first child, Hazel, the couple suffered a tragic miscarriage.

When Kim got pregnant again they decided against finding out the sex of the baby, opting to keep it a surprise.

Kim admitted she had hoped to parent both a girl and a boy as she comes from a family of one girl and one boy, but never thought she would.


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